Interested in NPHC

You might be at a college party or event and you see people jumping around and dancing. Or you might be on your way to class and you see a booth asking for donations to help with a certain cause. You could be scrolling on social media and see them at a local shelter helping whoever. When you see all this you wonder how you can join them. I am here to help on how you can show interest in an NPHC organization.

First, ever semester there is an event called Connvaction and this is where all the organizations perform and tell interested people about their organization. After all the presentations you can go to all the different organizations that interest you. Here you can have a one on one conversation with them and ask them personal questions. A common misconception is that you should only visit one table and nobody else. I think that is personally false because you are about to make a life long commitment and you want to sure you feel comfortable. Don’t feel offended when they can’t answer all of your questions you will know more when you start the process.

Secondly, try to come out to their events so they can see a face and get to know you. They want to get to know you to possibly build that sisterly bond. And it’s a just a reassurance to make sure that you would be a fit into the organization.

Thirdly, DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!!! It’s important to do research on the organizations because like I said before once you join you are in it for life.

Fourth, be involved on campus and volunteer in the community and on as much as you can. All of the organizations are involved in community service and we highly give back to the community.

Fifth, do go to the interest meeting. The meeting is where you get more information about the organization on a more deeper level. Here you can ask the questions you had at Convaction but didn’t feel comfortable asking. Remember you still cannot ask some questions (i.e. about the process of joining).

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