Are Blacks Treated Unfairly by Law Enforcement ?

The deep racial tensions are seen in many areas of American life underlie how blacks and whites view police in their communities, as well as their reactions to the deadly encounters in recent years between blacks and law enforcement officers.

It’s pretty evident that African Americans are treated fairly poorly by police officer. People of color are more likely to face arrest without evidence because of how you look. With this mind the racial tensions increase between minorities and law enforcement.  According, to the Associated Press at the University of Chicago Black attitudes toward police in their community also depends on the racial diversity of their community. Blacks who live in majority black communities hold a more negative view of police behavior in their community than do blacks who live where less than half of residents are black.

Blacks living in majority black communities are more likely to say their local police treat minority members of the community more roughly when dealing with crime (88 percent vs. 74 percent). Likewise, 82 percent of blacks say police in their community are more likely to use deadly force against a black person compared with 66 percent of those living in non-black majority areas.

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