Interview – NPHC

Now you are at the interview of the organization that you are trying to join. Don’t worry about I’m going to share some tips

  1. Treat it is a regular job interview. Remember the organizations are businesses as well.
  2. KNOW INFORMATION ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION! You don’t have to be an expert on the information for the organization but it would be beneficial to basic information. For example, the founding date , where they were founded at, the organizations colors, the founders, and the motto. This will really give up an edge up on the others because you took the time to learn the information.
  3. BRING SOMETHING TO THE TABLE! Like I said before the organizations are businesses you should be able to bring something to the table to help them continue to flourish. Be able to let them know that you can bring something to the organization to help them prosper.
  4. When you show up to the interview to do not wear the organizations color!!You are not a member!
  5. KNOW WHY YOU WANT TO JOIN THE ORGANIZATION! Please do not say the common answers like looking for sisterhood and brotherhood. Provide more examples like you want to better yourself as a young person.

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