Are Phones Hurting Relationships?

Twenty years ago we wouldn’t have this problem I remember my parents and even my grandfather telling me how things were back in their day. My mother would tell me that if my father had to talk to her that she would have to beep him and he would have to go to the nearest phone. On the other hand my grandfather would tell me how he actually had to be around my grandmother to actually talk. My grandparents both came from poverty and a small town so they didn’t have the same luxury as the other folks in the town. We see in old school dating movies that they actually had to get out and they had to actually see each other to build some connection. It also gave each other the chance to miss each other and build a good foundation to help them prosper as a couple. But that ideology has sadly changed in our generation. I look around at all the couples my age and see the total opposite. We have more than just the option to call but we have the option to FaceTime or video chat on the go. Secondly, we also have apps that allows us to communicate when or wherever. From Snapchat to Instagram we have instant access to them whenever and can see them whenever.

But, we have to take a step back and wonder how can we actually help out relationships prosper with all these distractions. With myself being in my early 20s I have been sucked into these temptations. This doesn’t have to fit couples but it can describe friendships as well. When people are constantly on their phones we are not building a strong foundation of communication with people are trying to talk to. We are so busy on phones that we actually do not know how to communicate because we lack the know how.

A thing that I have noticed even in my personal life is when people do communicate online even on FaceTime the other person is busy doing something else. This causes a disconnect that when you see someone you wouldn’t know what to do or what to say. To me personally I think it would be best to put down the phones to actually work on communication. When you are around someone the best thing to do is put the down the phone and spend time with the person.

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