Is Western Medicine Dehumanizing ?

Western medicine is quite dehumanizing given its emphasis on science and technology (Walker, 2013). This is given that the procedures followed make one feel like an object through the use of excessive medicine and other inhumane procedures .This procedures in Western medicine tend to be dehumanizing in the manner patients are treated. The emphasis on science and technology has led to inhumane acts like excessive painful procedures and neglect of necessary treatment (Robbins, 2018). This acts lead to neglect of rights which are of importance to humans. The emphasis also does not focus on human connection which most patients need. The use of dangerous drugs is harmful to human beings and is rather unethical. For instance, most of the technological support machines have replaced the role of human beings in the medical processes. For example, the existence of the health care machines such as the intensive care units has made human beings to be handled like non-living things. Moreover, individuals in the current times are surrounded more by life support machines instead of people that are valued such as family members (Sultan & Waytz, 2012). The reduction in the aspects of empathy is also some of the key elements that are dehumanizing to the states of human beings. There are death accelerated technologies that may fasten or prolong the death of an individual in critical conditions. The non-respect for the death culture among human beings leads to the dehumanization.


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