One More Month Left in 2019!

Where I have been for the last few months:

Phew! This year is coming to an end really fast and as a college student the semester went by really fast. Currently, I am in my third year of college and all the things I have dreamed of doing in the media industry is coming true so far.

Currently, I write for my campus newspaper and I have a few articles published and since I have started there one of my articles have made the digest. The digest is mostly just the best articles that have been published within August and October. As the semester is coming to an end I had a conversation with the head person over it and he had informed me that there would a chance for a “promotion” as for he is looking for full time employees for the newspaper. So I’ve been praying and hoping that I do get one of the positions.

Secondly, ever since the semester started I have trying to work for WUTV which is a local television station. And since I am taking a course in Television Production I would have to take a shorten training course but yesterday she told me that I have the job. So today I have the opportunity to get hands on experience with the current staff and help with their newscasts.

Thirdly, I have been working for the athletic games as a media team member. What I do is I assist in filming all the home athletic games for the all the sport teams. How I got this position was really the true definition of the right place at the right time. I was at the coliseum and the head person of the position saw me filming a project for my Television Production and he asked me a few questions gave it to me on the spot.

I hope as this year is coming to an end that all the hard work that I have doing allows me to continue to grow in my career and as individual.

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