Is it Harder Growing up in the 21st Century than it was in the Past?

Growing up we have all heard of our parents tell us that we have it easy. Or we have heard of the phrase “Back in my day” and how they had some many hardships than us. We have cell phones that we call and text people throughout the whole country. On our phones we have the option to pay for unlimited data so we can surf the internet or watch videos on the go. But what does this all mean? Does this actually mean that we have it easier than what our parents had?

I don’t think that’s true necessarily. I do agree we have it easier than our parents when it comes to technology advancement but isn’t technology supposed to progress over time. By the time my generation are our parents age technology would more than likely progressed. Like let’s think about Samsung just released a fold able phone.

But let’s take this into a deeper look. Our parents society treated minorities as a whole lot better than they do today. They didn’t have high officials disrespecting minority citizens and didn’t have a president post confidential information and what his plans are on Twitter. Don’t get me wrong I know if your parents are not white then they have experience or know someone who has experinced racism or racial discrimation at one point in their life.

But let’s think about it when our parents were young adults I’m sure there was not mass shootings that seem to happen every month. Or I’m sure your parents have not experienced there being police shooting unarmed individuals that seem to happen every week.

Especially being a black female it does not feel very patriotic when our president is telling female politicians to go back to where they came from.

I don’t think that we have easy it easy as to when it comes to society. Just the other day my friend and I went to the store to get some last minute things for a party, and we didn’t find anything so as we were leaving the store manager looked us up and down as if we stole something. We would think that in our society that people do not have such a conservative mind but it has gotten worse.

Do we have really have it easier today? We constantly have to worry about if we go to church or a concert if someone is going the event up. Or the worst thing if you go to class and then a shooting occurs. We have to worry about if there is chance we are dealing with a racist cops possibly shooting us or using their power for no good.

Does this really sound easy like we have it easy?

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