Is Technology Hurting Us?

Is our society today too focused on technology that we have lost sight of communicating with one another. We have kids today who have the lastest phones as their first phones. Are we setting up our kids for failure before they even have the opportunity to grow.

What I have noticed and I am even guilty of this too is that I am constantly on my phone when I am around other people. So, while I around other people I always have my earphones in not paying attention to what is going on. Or you see people at gatherings they either iolsate themselves or just ignore the environment to be on their phone.

We have the young kids today who have the behavior. As punishments for their behavior they have their phone taken away. But I remember when I was a kid and most young adults punishment was they couldn’t go outside to hang out with friends.

Kids today when they communcaite it’s wireless and they don’t have to leave their room. But when they communicate it’s not the best type of communication especially when they are playing games online.

But the one thing we need to teach our kids and even some young adults is the difference between professionalism and being friendly. Being a young adult I have times where people come up to me in a professional setting and talk to me like we are in class or as if we are just hanging out. Even though we are both college students this is the time we need to learn how to be professional because real world employees would more than likely laugh and not give you the time of day— or even the worst thing yet not give you the job.

By us constantly being on our phones does this hurt our generation for a nice career. Are we hurting the younger generation by allowing them to be on their phone constantly and not teaching them the proper way to communicate.

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