How You Know He’s Not the One

Today is the day that most singles dread including myself. Logging onto social media and seeing all the couples all coupled up and spoiling each other with love and gifs. But, it just seems that you cannot find one person to spoil and give gifts. I have this problem all the time you start seeing someone and their words and actions show and tell two different things. You wanted a fully committed relationship but all he wanted was to get into your pants. What I hope to share with you is how to spot those guys a mile away so that you do not waste your time and that when next year’s Valentine’s Day comes you will have you a special somebody. 

I have seen the worst of the worst. When you first meet them they sweep you off your feet and then after a certain amount of time they want your goodies. This last guy I was talking too he showed me all the signs of what to look for: 

  1. What I’m about to tell you might seem crazy but it actually happend. So I met this guy at work and we exchanged numbers and were talking for some time and it was so perfect. I thought it was too good to be true I even texted my friend and I quote” it’s too good to be true”. My friend even texted me back saying ” because you have been dealing with boys and not men”. This is just the begining make sure you do not fall for his words he needs to show you he wants to be serious and not looking for fun. 
  2. When it was our Christmas break we would talk a fairly good amount and talk on FaceTime. He would text me “good moring beartiful and good night beatiful”. He would ask me those type of things a would would ask when he was trying to get to know a girl and wants to be with. He would call cute nicknames and would be up with me all night . But when we got back to school he did a complete 180 and was like a completely different person. He stopped doing all those things that would make me wanna talk to him and see a future. If he starts changing since the first time you’ll have met then you need to go you deserve better than that you are a QUEEN and deserve to be treated as such. But, I was so navie and I still stayed. 
  3. So I would vocie to him how he has changed and he was not the same person that I fell for in the beginnig. But now that I look back on it he did not care he just wanted to get to my goodies. He would stop calling me and stop texting me and I would always ask hime why. You guys his asnwer will blow your mind he said that he would rather talk in person. But I could not help but to laugh at what he said because he would actually call and text prior. This was another sign that I just ignored. 
  4. One night we were just in bed laying and he pulled me closer to him and he said “you know you are my girlfriend now right”. I was just confused as to where that came from because we have not been on any dates or really hung to get to know each other. I’m not a liscened relationship coach or expert but I felt like this was a way for him to keep me in the hopes that he could have my goodies. 

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